On 20th July 2021, the South Australian premier announced a 6 day lockdown due to the Modbury cluster of Covid-19. I have previously blogged on the Parafield cluster lockdown, and mandatory self isolation. This is post 7 in the the current lockdown series. You can read post 1post 2 post 3post 4post 5, post 6, and post 7.

So I haven’t been well the last few days. As it happens, I got the-sickest-I’ve-been last night and this morning. It’s one thing to be blowing your nose while you work from home – it’s another thing for you to go to an office, the day after a state wide Covid-19 lockdown, while you’re sneezing and coughing.

So I had to go get covid tested today.

There has been a lot of media attention given to wait times for covid testing in South Australia, so after much thought, I decided to drive 35 minutes into the country, instead of 30 minutes into the suburbs. The downside of this is that I was tested at 11:30am, which makes me pessimistic about when I may get a result. And I need a result to leave the house. So effectively my lockdown has been extended by a day! (Or more!)

covid 19 testing centre riverton hospital

Strangely, it was like the nose swab cleaned out my sinuses and I felt a little bit less congested afterwards – ha.

So when I got home today, the weather was too unpleasant to do all the yard work I wanted to do (and it was probably too much physical exertion, to be honest), so I did a bunch of sorting of paperwork – which led to me editing the South Australian tourism blog post and also prepping a blog post about Broken Hill for the future. There was also a lot of adoption paperwork.

Because I couldn’t leave the house, my husband went down to the suburbs to get a new rescue dog. This was uneventful.

My husband also roller-painted the hallway today, so now the cream is all done! I started doing some of the gloss, but it’s fiddly work and I only managed to do about a quarter of the space.

And I still don’t have my covid result to know if I’m allowed to work tomorrow!