The Lie I Told About Finn Langley

This thriller novella tells the story of a woman reflecting on her high school interactions with Finn Langley. It is approximately 45k words and is seeking traditional publication options.

Finn Langley. Seventeen. Tall. Funny. Popular.

Brodie Pace. Fourteen. Finn’s ex-girlfriend. Murdered.

I’m Finn’s alibi.

There’s a lie I told about Finn Langley.

The Foures Foray

The Foures Foray is a Napoleonic romance novel. The story is for those who love history, romance, Napoleon, or Egypt as-it-was in the late 1700s. Told in alternating viewpoints and thoroughly researched, this stand-alone tale explores the real story of Napoleon’s first documented affair. This novel seeks traditional publication options.

Newly-wed Pauline Foures couldn’t bear to be separated from her husband, Jean-Noel. When he was assigned to a mission to sail from France to Egypt in 1798, Pauline disguises herself as a male soldier. The military uniform and scorching heat are challenging enough, but she also faces Jean-Noel’s abusive demands, discovering he is not the man she thought she married.

It is only after the Battle of the Pyramids, and once Cairo has been won by the French, that Pauline finally shrugs off the manly garb and dons the dresses she has been longing to wear. At their first soirée in Cairo, she makes eye-contact with commander-in-chief, General Napoleon Bonaparte. Pauline is both fascinated and flummoxed by his brilliant blue eyes and imposing presence.

As Pauline wrestles with her growing attraction to Napoleon, Jean-Noel encourages her flirtations, seeing an opportunity for his personal gain. The lines of loyalty and desire blur, making the game increasingly perilous as emotions deepen.

Walker & Pobjoy and Swallow & Popjoy

The duology of Walker & Pobjoy (book 1) and Swallow & Pobjoy (book 2) is undergoing edits and will soon be seeking traditional publishing options. The two novels explore the lives of William Swallow and John Pobjoy, real men who were sent to Australia as convicts in the early 1800s.

1814: Young fourteen year old John Popjoy seeks revenge on a violent publican by stealing his horse, but is caught in the act and sentenced to fourteen years in the convict colonies of Australia. John dreams of escape from the toil, the sun, and the company.

Hope comes to John when he meets fellow convict William Swallow. William has already escaped from transportation twice, and he is formulating a new cunning plan to return to their home country – and John is part of it.

Based on the true stories of both men, this duology tells the interconnected biographies of the convicts, asking just what motivated the prisoners to make the extraordinary choices that led to one of the most thrilling escapes in Australian convict history.