Cave Country (Book 1 in the Earthside series)

Scheduled for release in early 2027: a young adult apocalyptic survivalist series with sci-fi elements.

An alien invasion changes the world…

In a world transformed by alien invasion, Australia’s youth faces an uncertain future. Laura, the privileged daughter of the Prime Minister, and Star-ron, a rebellious juvenile delinquent, find themselves unlikely allies in a desperate quest for survival.

As the alien threat looms, a group of diverse teenagers is thrust into the harsh Australian bush, their differences becoming both their strength and their challenge. Battling the summer heat, the teenagers hold close secrets that could disrupt their fragile alliance.

Friendships are forged, secrets are kept, and alliances are tested as the group journeys towards the sanctuary of ‘cave country.’ Yet, in a world teeming with conspiracy and uncertainty, will their unity be enough to withstand the challenges that await them?

Book 1 sets the stage for a thrilling series, blending post-apocalyptic adventure with themes of friendship, rebellion, and the fight for a fragile future.

I Felt That (Book 1 in the Alice Feels series)

Release date to be confirmed: A young adult romance trilogy, set on a horse farm with mystery elements.

Sixteen year old Alice Scintilla doesn’t like people. When they sneeze, her nose tingles. When they’re bullied, she feels their angst. When they eat, she can taste their meal.

Alice’s dad says she needs to get out more and sends her to fat camp. 

Here, she meets Declan. Declan feels calm. While everyone else is nervous or anxious or high-strung, Alice is drawn to Declan’s tranquility. Confusingly, when she feels an attraction to Declan, she is not sure if it is her own or his …

Plus, she gets the feeling that there is more to fat camp than the overweight teens, and her feelings have never let her down before …

Alice and Declan are going to have to work together – and Alice is going to have to feel everything.

When Darkness Speaks

A YA paranormal love story set in a medieval Scotland. Potentially book 1 of a trilogy.

Adhan is a seventeen year old Scottish princess. Her destiny and dreams centre around marrying a prince and becoming a queen.

Until’s Adhan’s mother goes mad. The people revolt, the king is usurped, and Adhan is no longer a princess. The new king hangs innocent people for political gain, and Adhan must use her wit to survive the sinister political climate.

But Adhan worries she is also mad. In the darkness, she hears a voice. Separated from her family, the voice becomes Adhan’s only friend. The friendship becomes harder to keep secret and, if her madness is discovered, Adhan will be executed.