On 20th July 2021, the South Australian premier announced a 6 day lockdown due to the Modbury cluster of Covid-19. I have previously blogged on the Parafield cluster lockdown, and mandatory self isolation. This is post 2 in the the current lockdown series. You can read post 1 here and post 2 here.


I am now over halfway through working from home. It’s very sad.

My work day was normal – except for the working-from-home bit and the unremarkable 11am press conference (only one new case, which fills me with optimism). The only thing is that I miscalculated my finish time and had to take one hour of leave so that I could…

Go get dog food! So pet care is an essential service and my usual place to get the dog food has maintained their usual opening hours. However, when I rang up to order, normally there’s a lot of “We’ve sold out of that” but this time they had almost everything I wanted.

I triple checked I had my mask then hopped in the car for the first time in days! So strange! It is mega rare that I don’t leave the house at least once a day, and my car has been parked up here for days.

Bright sunlight on a winter's day, reflecting into a puddle on a country road

When I got home, I caught a mouse, and walked it all the way up to the corner of our paddock. Once I got back to the kennels, it took me the usual hours to arrange all the dog food. I have six permanent dogs (and one dog in rescue at the moment), so I buy food in bulk. I then fed the dogs with all the new foods.

I made my way back inside and psyched myself up to continue painting. At least I had good podcasts to listen to. (Today it was The Health Report, Reply All, So You Want to Be a Writer, Birds Eye View, and Ladies We Need to Talk.) I achieved the painting I wanted to, but I also spent a lot of time sitting on the floor thinking about how tired I was of painting.

The podcast from Reply All talked about TikTok and I downloaded it and wasted too long watching the videos.

Finally, I crawled into bed, and then realised that I had forgotten to write this blog post. So got up, got my laptop, and smashed this out in bed.

Tomorrow, bad weather is forecast, and I need to get some trees and potplants secure before it gets windy. Then it’ll be more painting.

Rural sunset