On 20th July 2021, the South Australian premier announced a 6 day lockdown due to the Modbury cluster of Covid-19. I have previously blogged on the Parafield cluster lockdown, and mandatory self isolation. This is post 2 in the the current lockdown series. You can read post 1post 2 and post 3.

It’s the weekend!

I’m not very good at sleeping in. I woke up at 8am, though my alarm was set for 10am as a precautionary measure.

215854662_10159232814151585_1603216280243654572_nKnowing the weather was going to get bad, I was quick to get out and do some yard work. I put two citrus and a succulent in the ground, and planted two succulents in pots. I moved a bit of a soil around in an ongoing fence project, and collected some rubbish that had blown out into the paddock. Though bin day is Thursday, it was today that I brought the bins in.

The press conference today announced one new Covid-19 case, who was in isolation since the beginning of the whole Modbury cluster. We are on track to reopen on Wednesday. That means I only have one more day of working from home, which is very disappointing. The good news is it will not cause me moral conflict to travel for take away.

Then it was a whole day of painting. I finished the ceiling and the white above the picture rail, and primed all the doorframes. And then dismantled the miniskaff and took all the skaff stuff and surplus reno things into the shed. I even made my first TikTok.

@macdogaldHallway renovations continue. ##reno ##painting ##renovating ##renovatingourhome ##farmhouse ##farmlife♬ Solo – Clean Bandit,Demi Lovato

Tomorrow is the deadline I have set for myself for finishing the hallway! I am not sure if I will get all the gloss painting done tomorrow, despite that being my goal – but I am sure I will be able to get two coats of wall paint on at least!