I was overseas with my mother from the 2nd of March 2020, to the 18th of March 2020. A lot happened with coronavirus in Australia during this time, and when we returned, we were legally required to enter self-isolation. This is my brief diary to document my experiences. (For other posts see: Prelude. Part one. Part two. Part three. Part four. Part five. Part six. Part seven. Part eight.)



I woke up hungry. Felt the peaches, determined they weren’t ripe, and cooked something out the freezer in the air fryer.

I had a conversation with my husband about the sore throat I’ve now had for 3 days. 

My husband ran out of beer yesterday, and was going to go out to get some. Remember, he’s not on mandatory self isolation – even though he’s living with me. I went to do an online shop with a click and collect, but the shop I wanted to use came up with a message saying,

Due to the Covid-19 situation and the large demands placed upon online shopping, we are temporarily suspending new registrations.

This made me very frustrated. I’ve already felt isolated with the food situation – yes, we have food, and we have enough food to last us 2 weeks. But we cannot get deliveries, we don’t have friends that live out this way, and the people I would normally ask to help are my parents, who are also in self-isolation as Mum was on the same trip as me! I was pretty bummed because the main item I wanted to order was a Vego bar.

I thought I’d try to cook myself out of the rut, so I cooked scones, and then another blueberry lemon cake.


My father must’ve felt compelled by my Facebook post whinging about take-away yesterday, and the lack of online-ordering today. He came up with a delivery of Cherry Darlings, which was amazing. He also brought a new plum tree, and lawn seeds, so now hubby and I have something to do tomorrow.

I burnt the blueberry lemon cake.

I made hummus.

I kept trying to understand the rules of ‘Star Realms’ and was getting frustrated. I wonder if my reading comprehension skills have become compromised with their lack of use over the last week.

I read more of my NaNoWriMo novel, ‘When Darkness Speaks’, and actually don’t think it’s complete rubbish, which is nice. I think I need to amp up the setting but I don’t feel that the story or pacing needs a lot of work. So far.

We played ‘Star Realms’. I really like deck-building games. My husband, however, preferred ‘Agricola’ (though he calls it ‘The Farming Game’).


We had Cherry Darlings kievs for dinner and they were all I hoped for.

Then I was really tired, so I went to bed early. Pretty tragic considering all the nothing I did today!

Sunset on 27/03/2020 at Hamley Bridge
Sunset on ‘the ninth day’ (27th March 2020) at Hamley Bridge.