On a recent December drive, I was thrilled to see a santa in a paddock in between Clarendon and Kangarilla. I was driving to my second job and I was physically and psychologically exhausted, but I managed to smile. Someone had created a unique little Christmas display and it did bring me just a little joy in the moment.

But then I saw another paddock-santa, and I thought to myself that the original farmer must have a pretty big property and admired their commitment to creating two life-sized santas.


But when I saw my third, fourth, fifth, sixth santa, I realised that the town of Kangarilla (and surrounds) had installed many santas doing various things all throughout the area. It became a game – where would the next santa be?

A fire fighting santa outside the CFS at Kangarilla.

So I had to go back, on a day that I was not so tired, and photograph the display. I’ve included three of my favourites in this post.

If you’re wanting to see the Kangarilla Santas, you will find many on Kangarilla Rd at Kangarilla in the Adelaide Hills. However, I did find one in a ‘backstreet’ of Kangarilla, and I imagine there would be more along McLaren Flat Rd at Kangarilla, too.

I counted at least nineteen santas in my drive, but my local paper says there are close to fifty! How many have you seen?

A santa struggling to put up Christmas lights in Kangarilla, Adelaide Hills, South Australia.