This is the second blog post on the South Australian Covid-19 Parafield Cluster lockdown. See the first post here.


Today, I woke up at home and I stayed there.

I took a dog for a small walk around the house and watered the gardens. Our crop was harvested yesterday, and there are still many lentils. I put four raw lentils in my mouth. They were tasteless and unappetising.

I worked from home, in my pyjamas and with a dog on my lap. And with too many trips to the kitchen.

In Covid-19 news, South Australia has zero new cases. This has given everyone hope that this six day lockdown won’t be infinite. That being said, watching the news, there seems to be little said about the South Australian lockdown. Perhaps it’s some kind of skewed perception – because I’m living it, it feels bigger than it really is. Or perhaps it’s the eastern state bias. Or perhaps this has all been done before – perhaps this is the new normal.

I spent the day enthuiastic about cooking my butternut pumpkin. I roasted it for dinner, and served it with pasta and spinach. I would’ve liked to have put pine nuts on it, but I didn’t have pine nus, so I put sesame seeds on it instead. These are the kind of sacrifices we make in a pandemic.

Pasta with spinach, pumpkin, and sesame seeds.

After dinner, I took a couple of dogs for a walk around the paddock. I enjoyed walking through the middle of it, as I haven’t for months due the crop. The dogs were very sniffy and I expect a creature has recently visited.

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I fed the dogs. The most time consuming part of feeding the dogs is putting bowls out, counting the bowls, and counting the dogs several times, before inevitably making too many or too few feeds anyway. Our little rescue dog, Trevor, has found her appetite, which is reassuring.

I came back inside and smashed out words for NaNoWriMo – 1145 words in twenty minutes. (Which is about my average – I’m a fast typer and committed plotter.) I have been aiming for 1700-2000 words a day, but it’s hard to achieve knowing that I also need to have enough time this evening to write this blog post. I am ahead on the NaNoWriMo front, and with the weekend coming up, I perhaps will be able to finish over the next few days. I will feel lighter having won another year.

It’s going to be hard to find unique and compelling topic for these blog posts. Consider this a warning of pending monotomy.