I listen to a lot of podcasts, sampling episodes here and there depending on my mood and their description. But there are only a few that I absolutely love. I have compiled this list of my absolute favourite podcasts, determined by the fact that I have listened to every episode available from these shows.

So You Want To Be A Writer (by the Australian Writers’ Centre)
This was the first podcast that I ever listened to on a regular basis. The Australian hosts, Valerie Khoo and Allison Tait, are experienced writers who have a great rapport with each other. Their shows include questions, conversations on the news, ‘word of the week’, platform building tips for writers and, my favourite, interviews with writers. I love this podcast so much that I’ve gone back and listened to all the backlist episodes, and it is the first resource I recommend to budding writers and book-fans.

Bowraville (by The Australian)
Three children were killed in Bowraville, New South Wales in the early 1990s. No one has been successfully prosecuted for the murders. As all three victims were aboriginal, race is a big piece of this investigative podcast. It resonated with me as a case that I hadn’t heard about prior to the podcast, which is reflective of white-centric media in Australia.

Invisibillia (by NPR)
This podcast is about “invisible forces that control human behaviour”. It is phenomenally diverse and compelling. Many of the episodes have caused me to shift my thinking on a great number of things – for example, ‘Frame of Reference’ was one of the best insights into aspbergers I have ever had. I feel like every time I turn an episode on, I’m not quite sure where I’m going to go, but I’m always happy to have taken the journey.

Serial (by This American Life)
So everyone knows Serial and probably have already made a decision on listening or not. However, Season 1 of Serial was absolutely captivating. The storytelling kept me guessing – I remember sitting in my car feeling every emotion as I compulsively consumed each episode, one after the other on a long road trip. I listened to the second season, too, and I learnt an awful lot.

My Dad Wrote A Porno
The name is exactly as it seems – Jamie’s dad wrote a terrible pornographic novel, and instead of hiding away as most people would, he recruits two friends to read the novel aloud with commentary. These are clever, funny people. Additionally, for writers: learn how not to write a sex scene.

S-Town (by This American Life)
This is a wonderful true story. It unfolds slowly. Each episode seems to be going in one direction, and then we’re left with a cliff hanger that changes the picture. In the end, a complete image of a town – “S-Town” – is formed. The characters are rich, the themes are dark, and I couldn’t stop listening.

Accused (by Cincinnati Inquirer)
In 1878, Beth Andes was murdered in her apartment. Her boyfriend was charged twice, but acquitted. The police consider it solved, but they seem to have bungled the case. I enjoyed this podcast for looking at some themes that I find quite interesting – death in a peer group, and the proposal of serial killers. Just a warning that I found the first podcast in this series a little slow, but the pacing got better from second one in.

Trace (by ABC Radio)
The shortest podcast of this list, being only four episodes long. However, what it manages to achieve is wonderful. It looks at an unsolved murder of Maria James who was stabbed 68 times in her own home in 1980. The journalism has brought forward new evidence that hopefully might solve this murder.

While the above are my favourite podcasts as determined by my listening history (i.e. I have listened to every episode!), there are a few honourable mentions…

The Creative Penn (by Joanna Penn)
I really enjoy this podcast. Joanna Penn is such an inspiring woman, with a pleasant voice, interviewing interesting and diverse guests. Her podcast is hundreds of episodes long, and though I’ve listened to many, especially those she has posted in the last two years, I have not managed to get through the entire backlist. I do religiously listen to every new episode!

Napoleon Bonaparte Podcast (by the Podcast Network)
I absolutely intend to listen to this entire podcast, but it’s over 60 hours long and I’ve only managed about 20 hours worth so far! This podcast is hosted by Cameron Reilly and David Markum and is proof that, if you have an enthusiastic host, anything can be interesting. These two men talk about many aspects of Napoleon’s life and it’s fascinating and inspiring. There are so many stories of Napoleon that have given me ideas for my own writing.

Found My Fitness (by Dr Rhona Patrick)
Dr Rhonda Patrick looks at so many studies and aspects of health. The research put into each of her episodes is phenomenal. Every time I listen I feel like there is so many more healthy things I should be doing to ensure my longevity. I need it for all the writing I want to do.

That’s my list! What podcasts do you listen to? Let me know if you’ve tried any of this list!