There is a misconception that writing is a solitary profession. Now, of course writing can be solitary, but it does not have to be. It’s not a pre-requisite.

Personally, I am in the habit of writing with others. Ever since attending my first write in (specifically, on a train in Sydney during NaNoWriMo), I have often written with others. In fact, for some of my friends, almost the only way we interact is by writing together. These events are what we call ‘write ins’.

But you may be wondering – what good is a write in?

The solitary writer is likely to bail. If you make a writing date with friends, then you have to show up, and you have to start writing! It seems simple but it makes a big difference.

Write More
When I am held to the accountability of a social write-in, I often will write more than I do at home. At home I am likely find distraction and procrastination at any opportunity. At a write in, I have few distractions besides a cup of coffee. I write more as a result.

Bouncing Ideas
Sometimes, if you can stuck in your writing, writing with others allow you to toss ideas around. If your character needs to get from x to y, maybe those you are writing with have ideas on achieving this. Maybe you can’t remember a particular word. Instead of googling it (and getting lost in the vortex of the internet), your friends may give you a concise answer that doesn’t distract you from your writing goal.

Sharing Writing
Depending on context, it might be appropriate for you to share your writing at a write in. Sharing can be fun, and hearing what others are creating is also enjoyable. This also gives you the chance to give feedback, so your writing may improve, too. (But don’t let this activity distract you from the writing time!)

If your writing with others, it’s likely that you have some share experiences in that writing journey. They’ll know things. They can support you through blocks, and encourage you even when you think your words are crap.

Sharing Resources
When you connect with other writers, you can share writing resources. Maybe that’s podcasts, online links, pinterest boards, things they’ve read, quotes they’ve heard.

Do you write with others? Why?