A super easy recipe for a quick chocolate fudge – perfect for taking to share as it is vegan and gluten free!

Chocolate Fudge (with peanuts) - vegan, gluten free, and only three ingredients
Chocolate Fudge (with peanuts) – vegan, gluten free, and only three ingredients


For me to ‘cook’ anything it has to be easy, and this is one of the easiest things I make. It is also ultra-quick to make, so it’s perfect for an impulsive get-together.



  • 1 can (320g) of condensed coconut milk
  • 340g of dark chocolate



Melt the chocolate. Mix with condensed coconut milk. Place in dish of approximately 9 inches by 6 inches and put in fridge.


Recipe Variations:

  • Mix stuff into the fudge for extra deliciousness – like chopped Black and Gold Red Frogs, crushed penauts (pictured), or vegan marshmallows
  • Dust with icing sugar or coconut flakes before setting
  • Make with white chocolate, or make a white chocolate and dark chocolate batch then swirl together to make visually interesting fudge
  • Consider adding a layer of caramel or biscuit crumbs for a slice-like dessert


Tips from someone who’s made this recipe a bunch of times:

  • I suggest setting the fudge on baking paper so it doesn’t stick to the dish.
  • This mix is very melty, so keep refrigerated and transport in an esky. Sometimes I will put it in the freezer for 10 minutes or so before I go to try to keep it as cool as possible.
  • If you don’t have a dish of 9in by 6in, go for something with more surface area (i.e. bigger!). If you make it too thick, it’s really hard to cut up. This is also a rich recipe and most people don’t want a big slice.
  • I suggest using a mix of Haighs dark chocolate and Coles dark cooking chocolate for the mix. Both by themselves work, but just Haighs makes a very rich and quite hard. If it’s just Coles cooking chocolate, it’s quite a soft fudge that just isn’t as tasty as the Haighs version.


Happy fudge-making.


Recipe inspired by Sea Salt Chocolate Fudge on 12Tomatoes.