This is the fourth blog post on the South Australian Covid-19 Parafield Cluster lockdown.
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This morning was a morning for sleeping in! While I was locked down, I was still working from home, and had hours to make. Today, however – whole different story! I took advantage of it by sleeping for a whole 30 minutes longer than normal. I’m such a sloth, I know.

I was able to spend a bit of time with the dogs, making frozen kongs, and taking photos of our rescue dog, Trevor. I have almost taught her sit and I’m seeing improvements in her behaviour. It may also be because she’s been here a week now, and she’s starting to be less stressed and more settled.

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It was a warm day. I tried to beat the heat by geting into the future veggie patch early. Unfortunately, my compost ‘soil’ was not soil-like enough for me to actually use. It looks like I will be buying a trailer load of soil once I’m able to.

The new veggie patch

At the news conference today, we heard there was one new Covid-19 case in South Australia, but we didn’t have to worry about it because the person was already quarantining as they were a suspected case. It all feels like it’s pretty resolved. Overall, I’m confident with our health systems to keep us safe.

I wrote 2658 words on my NaNoWriMo project. The problem is that I have practically finished the story. This means the last 9000 words on this project are going to be painful, as I go through and add them by editing. The good news is I am already ahead of the daily word target, and I’m confident I’ll achieve my goal.

For dinner I made sweet potato with beans, which is just about one of my favourite meals.

I did some boring admin work, clearing off all the photos on my phone and deleting surplus images. I would’ve rather been doing productive things in the garden, but it was just too warm.

On the evening news, there was footage of a lot of people breaking the lockdown orders in anticipation of the midnight ‘return to normal’. I like rules and was a bit sad to see this disregard. I hope the false-pretense of this lockdown does not illegitimise future lockdowns.

In fun news, I sorted out Christmas presents. I’m a big fan of Christmas and gifting, so this gave me a little joy today.

Today was the first day of lockdown that my plans were significantly changed. Initially, I was going to be playing boardgames with friends. Of course, this was cancelled – and then, following yesterday’s announcement, it was rescheduled for tomorrow. The sadder part of the cancelled plans is the Festival of Dogs, which was scheduled for tomorrow. This was a big event on the dog-calendar, especially considering the Adelaide Animal Expo and Adelaide Royal Show had already been cancelled due to Covid-19. (The Adelaide Animal Expo, in fact, cancelled twice!) They say the Festival of Dogs will be rescheduled, and I know it will be amazing when the time is right.

So, my lockdown experience comes to an end. A lot of South Aussies are saying that this was a good practice run for living with Covid-19. We reckon we are prepared for the next time we hope never comes.