August 16, 2017

4 Tips for Underwriters

4 Tips for Under Writers

The first novel writing experience was NaNoWriMo 2014. I had been internally brewing on the plot for 3 years, so come November 1st, I got right to the project. Every day I would do my 1700 words, and every day I…


December 21, 2016

An Hour with Yann Martel


As part of Adelaide Writers’ Week, I attended an author talk with Yann Martel, author of Life of Pi (though this particular sitting was titled Mountains of Portugal after his most recent work). Martel describes Mountains of Portugal as three stories…


September 11, 2016

Plotting with Themes

How to Use Themes to Plot a Novel

When building a plot, it helps me to start to think about the themes across the novel fairly early. In my mind, I try to identify three themes that will bridge the whole novel together. I also find that, by…


August 15, 2016

Using the Beat Sheet to Plot a Novel

Plotting using the beat sheet.

The Beat Sheet is a very popular tool for novel plotting. A quick google search will bring up a lot of resources surrounding the use of the Beat Sheet.   The Beat Sheet is a resource that first appeared in…


July 10, 2016

The 10-20-10 Method of Plotting

The 10 20 10 method for plotting your novel.

I came across the 10-20-10 method of plotting about eighteen months ago, and have loved it. It’s not the only plotting technique, but I find it a great help in ensuring that my story has depth and interest throughout. It’s…


May 1, 2016

Are you creating pinball characters?

Are you creating pinball characters?

Readers like characters that do things. Elsa was great in Frozen, because she kept trying to save her sister. We liked Harry Potter, because he used magic to defeat Voldemort. Pi (in Life of Pi) was stuck on a boat, but that didn’t…