The Black Shucks of Fableham

The Black Shucks of Fableham is currently pursuing traditional publication options. It is a modern retelling of the black shuck legend and is complete at about 45,000 words. It is written for young readers.

The people of Fableham are terrified of the black shucks – huge, shaggy, dog-like creatures that appear in the mist. People tell stories of the beasts chasing them, running their cars off the road, or burning them with their fire-like eyes.

But the black shucks are just misunderstood. You see, they only chase and burn people who have plans of conducting a far-worse crime. While people may be scared of them, in reality, the black shucks are using their varied supernatural powers (like fire starting and invisibility) to keep the town of Fableham safe.

Skeff, one of the black shucks, is assigned the task of watching over Ella. Skeff is used to starting fires and chasing criminals, and watching Ella, he thinks, is the most boring assignment he has ever had. But Skeff soon finds that looking after Ella is not an easy task, especially because it doesn’t require his super-powers at all.

Will Skeff be able to save Ella? Will the black shucks be able to keep Fableham safe?


Hooksby Series

This nine part series is currently a work in progress. It explores the lives of nine young people, each born in the year 2000, as they grow in the small fictional town of Hooksby in New South Wales. The characters share and influence each other stories, and the series spans from 2015-2018. The novels enjoy a complicated and unique timeline, while each novel can be read as a stand-alone if necessary. They explore issues such as eating disorders, gay and lesbian issues, alcohol and other drug use, suicide, love, abuse, pregnancy, and their future career goals.

  • Book 1: Jessamy Nash – Completed
  • Book 2: Lorraine Seldin – Completed
  • Book 3: Toni MacFirle – First Draft Complete
  • Book 4: Pixie Paterson – First Draft Complete
  • Book 5: Fisher Day – Outlined Only
  • Book 6: Michael Singleton – Outlined Only
  • Book 7: Candice Vogel – Outlined Only
  • Book 8: Grace Vogel – Outline Pending
  • Book 9: Regina Bryne – Outline Pending